Custom Stickers 'Stick' with Customers


Sticker on kids face

Kids love stickers...

  • Good checkup with pediatrician? Sticker.
  • Well behaved at school today? Sticker.
  • Work noticeably hard on today's assignment? Sticker.

Stickers are unspoken kiddie-currency. They trade them, beg to buy or sell them among friends, cry emphatically if they get lost or torn and I'd be willing to bet, if given enough time... we could find a kid somewhere rolling around in a giant pile of them (Scrooge McDuck style).  

But what you may not realize... Stickers aren't just for kidsSome of the most incredible brands and companies leverage stickers as an inexpensive way to make their message STICK with customers.

Have you ever gotten an Apple sticker when purchasing their product? Or seen the bumper of a passing car with the Apple sticker on it? Of course you have, and if a company like Apple sees value in stickers... maybe there's a reason for you to give it a chance too? Let's find out.


Decorative Stickers

Yes, it's the first and most obvious use, BUT make a boring one and you're likely to find it in the trash. You want one that is cool enough for your audience to keep around.

  • You want a sticker that gets put on a laptop,
    so others will notice it in a coffee shop or meeting.

  • You want a sticker that gets put on a vehicle bumper
    and googled by onlookers during standstill traffic.

  • You want a sticker that gets put on a travel mug
    that the user totes everywhere they go.

Chances are if your company sticker successfully lands with your target audience, has a strong sticker design and great quality, it's going to be seen by a lot more eyes in the same demographic. It'll be around long term, probably even discussed among friends at some point. If your sticker has enough 'IT' factor, even folks who know nothing about you, will latch onto your sticker first and google you later.


Brand Stickers

These stickers aren't necessarily cool because of their design, but they have a unique cool factor for an entirely different reason. Brand decals are most often simple icons or custom logos. These stickers are for your MOST loyal followers.

The people who know all about you, they know what you stand for, they know what products and services you offer (probably already use them) and they believe in you. These people like you and are proud to support you.

Not sure how to identify your loyal following? They're easier to spot than you might think. They don your brand sticker like a badge of honor, adorning laptops, phone cases, water bottles, car bumpers and any other place they can think up. Connect with them and soon they aren't just customers, they're walking-talking advocates FOR you. 


Wall Stickers

Why not use your empty or tired walls as the perfect place to reinforce your message? It can complement your overall look and feel to customers. Not to mention, these fathead-type graphics can help solve some of your marketing quandaries. Don't believe us? Keep reading... 

Let's say you have a mascot or character that's part of your brand? 

You could put a life size mascot on the wall for customer selfies, plus it'll provide additional brand reinforcement to all who enter the premises.

Suppose you're lacking in google review department? 

You could put a large QR code on the wall to inspire more customer service reviews. Place it where customers already hang out or have to wait. Those idle hands will soon find themselves writing your latest google review. Don't forget to do your part to make it a great one!

Say you already have great google reviews? 

You could put your favorite 5-Star Review on a prominent wall as a type-treatment to both inspire staff and allow customers to read your glowing review!

Happen to have a theme or certain ambiance you want to achieve? 

You could put a fun or scenic wall decal to enhance the space and entice customers (and non-customers) to snap a photo and share socially.

The sticker itself is hardly ever the end game, it's what you do with the sticker that ultimately ups your marketing game. 


Packaging Stickers

We understand not everyone has the wallet for custom packaging solutions, particularly if you're just starting out on your latest venture. Which is why labels are a genius low-cost solution for packaging quandaries.

Customers tend to look right past plain generic bags or boxes, IF there's a beautifully printed label adorning the package. You can easily and inexpensively customize your company packages with the right adhesive artwork, even consider utilizing them as box sealers or envelope sealers. The point is, there are lots of labeling options to explore, explore them then use what works best for you.


Window Stickers

Commonly, window stickers are used to display business hours, phone numbers, websites, social media accounts or other mundane information. There's no harm in it, but why not use your storefront windows to make a statement about your business or attract potential customers who haven't yet been through your doors? 

What if your coffee shop windows literally said 'Great coffee in a quiet space, We bet you'd like it here.' As eye-roll inspiring as that may be for some, it gets noticed and for potential customers who drive by frequently, but have never given it a chance, just might give it a try. Annnd if you're not fond of the cheesy pick up line approach, maybe the next version is more your style.

Giant. Coffee. Mugs. Picture three or four foot sized coffee mugs with locally significant designs stuck to your windows. The outside view makes it appear as though customers are standing 'inside' your giant coffee cups (note-worthy view for passers by/ unique photo op - maybe even social media share-worthy?)

store front window photo

Perhaps more importantly, both sides of the window can clearly see from a distance you're in the coffee business. Personally, I'd stop for coffee just so I could snap a photo in the giant coffee cup - humans love absurdly exaggerated or mystifyingly tiny things. 

Floor Stickers

Until the existence of social distancing, floor decals were tremendously under utilized. So consider using open unused floor space to reinforce your brand and to effectively communicate with customers. It can be as simple as an eye-catching logo or special promotion and as complex as leading the customer to a specific highlighted location. Don't underestimate the power of your floorspace to deliver a message, people tend to look down often anyway. Why not give them something to look at?


We could go on about custom sticker options, but by now it's wildly apparent that stickers aren't just for kids. Remarkable companies everywhere use stickers as part of their brand identity and marketing strategies. These sticky solutions deliver their message and effectively communicate with customers. Whatever sticky solution you decide to try, create a plan that appeals to your audience most and execute it. It just might be the key to unlocking your next great marketing campaign.

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