• James Kennedy Headshot

    James 'JB' Kennedy

    Cofounder / Chief Executive Officer

    James has extensive experience in the print industry and providing excellent customer service. He maintains overall business operations focusing on structure and strategy focusing on the big picture. Outside the office, JB is an absolute Cincinnati supporter from arts and festivals to local markets and sporting events.

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  • Nick Wilmhoff Headshot

    Nick Wilmhoff

    Cofounder / VP of Business Development

    Nick is truly the best that customer service has to offer - just ask his customers! He dedicates much of his time to expanding business and meeting customers unmet needs. Outside of the office, your most likely to find Nick participating in health/fitness activities or involved in the local community.

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    We thrive on it.

    Passion for connecting with businesses and organizations and the great people who run them. A passion for bringing visions to life and making them look amazing while doing it.


    We value it.

    Integrity affords us patience and flexibility in the face of difficult obstacles. Integrity allows us to do right by customers & give them the very best version of us, time and time again.


    We keep it open.

    We couldn't help you reach your next goal without being great communicators. Open doors, open hearts, open minds, but most importantly open communication.


    We earn it.

    Trust is like the perfect piece of paper, once it has been crumpled, you can work to smooth out the rough spots, but it can never be 100% perfect again. Let us work to keep your trust perfect.