Assembly & Kitting Services

Sit and sip that coffee longer...

You just found THE solution to your assembly and kitting frustrations. We coordinate, assemble and kit according to your specific needs. Your business and customers deserve the professional experience and attention-to-detail service that we provide. 

Think special promotions, product bundling, holiday gift sets, onboarding kits, sales incentives, combination SKU's, customer thank-you gifts and beyond. The very best part... you get all the praise!

Picture of circular puzzle fitting together representing Curative Assembly

Assembly Required

Taking two or more separate components and assembling them to make one end product to prepare for shipment. Completing assembly services in bulk, involves multiple workers performing a single task until product assembly is complete. Assembly lines enable mass production of products quickly and more efficiently.

Man taping a box shut representing Curative's Kitting Services

Are you Kitting?

In all seriousness, kitting brings together separate but related goods. Forming a new combination product in one ready-to-ship package. Product bundling in this way, is not only convenient for inventory, purchasing and shipping processes, but increases efficiency and reduces packaging costs. Kits can even generate increased sales, as customers love a well-thought-out kit!