Why choose custom labels?

Sticker Benefits

Message Delivery

We affectionately call this category 'Messages that Stick'. Because stickers and labels are far more than child's play, they are very effective in communicating your chosen message.

Lasting Impression

Recipients are more likely to look for a place to stick them, than toss them. And if your message resonates with users, recipients will pick a prominent location to serve as constant reminder of the goods and services that you have to offer, leaving a lasting impression.


Perhaps the most cost-effective promotional option available, stickers are a great marketing tool. Potential customers react well to them, because they're non aggressive but still feel like a gift when received.

Create a Buzz

Stickers help build a sense of personal relationship with your product or service. Once the recipients affix it to their property, they're well on their way to establishing a connection. Much like any form of marketing or advertising, sticker marketing requires proper planning, design and execution to maximize on its effectiveness.

Practical Utility

Beyond their promotional value, stickers are incredibly useful internally, even increasing productivity. Affix them as product labels, package warnings or other common information that you're communicating repeatedly.

Sticker Categories

Get inspired by the options below, your custom order is just a phone call away. If you're not sure where to begin, we're happy to figure out the details for you.