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18oz Matte Vinyl Banners (1-Sided)

18oz Matte Vinyl Banners (1-Sided)

The Ultimate Solution for Outdoor Use

These vinyl banners are made for maximum durability, while communicating your message in a big way, even in extreme weather.


  • Full Color, High Resolution Printing
  • Typical Production Time: X Days
  • Custom Sizes
  • Light weight with easy to hang grommets
  • Waterproof, suitable for long term outdoor use
  • Durable, even in high winds
  • Finished reinforced hems on all sides

Made of thick and sturdy 18 oz matte vinyl for weather and tear resistance.
Grommets: .05" wide, standard placement every 2-3 feet on top and bottom.
Reinforced edges: welded edges on all sides

Use Ideas

  • Heavy-duty industrial and construction applications
  • Outdoor advertising in extreme weather conditions
  • Airports and Transportation hubs
  • Stadiums and sports arenas
  • Large-scale events and festivals
  • City and government signage
  • Military and defense applications
  • Large business and corporation signage

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